Simplify your purchase order process and maintain control

Whether you’re creating a purchase order or need to convert one to an invoice, AgenterBooks makes the process simple and easy.

Customise purchase orders

Set up and customise templates through the purchase order system.

  • Tailor the layout, font, logo and details included
  • Choose the order numbers you want to use

Create online orders

Prepare, send and monitor purchase orders using the purchase order software.

  • Create purchase orders using a template or copying a prior one.
  • Select standard inventory items that you want to add to a purchase order.
  • E-mail approved purchase orders in PDF format or print and post.

Convert orders into bills

Turn purchase orders into bills for payment, or into invoices to recoup costs.

  • Convert orders into bills when you receive the items and bill from a supplier
  • Record if the supplier only delivers part of an order, and add notes
  • Convert a purchase order into an invoice if you're onselling or on-charging

AgenterBooks offers you a one-year free tail, sign up now and explore endless features suite to your business needs.

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